I luuurve me a good goal - but the operative word in that sentence is 'good', and by that what I really mean is a 'well set' goal.

It's so easy to set a wishy washy goal in your head, or maybe you even jot it down on a piece of paper, or in your diary, something like "write a book" or "get more clients". (Now, I'm going to start out with a little side note warning, if you're sensitive about language then this might not be the post for you, I'm going to say 'shit' quite a bit. Also if you're sensitive about being called out on your own bullshit then it's probably time to read something else.)

But I'm going to be honest with you here, those shitty, thoughtless goals are not only useless, they can actually be doing more harm than good in your life and in your business.

You're a smart cookie - yo...

You know sometimes there seems to be waves of people experiencing the same thing in your life all at the one time?


In the last few weeks I’ve had family, friends and clients all experiencing the repercussions of pushing too hard, for too long, without acknowledging the flashing lights warning them of an approaching dead end.


When you’ve got piles on your plate, and you put your head down and charge on through it’s amazing how much you can get done. But there comes a point where the constant charge becomes unsustainable; and if you’re not paying attention when your body starts to let you know you can very easily fall head-first over the edge into burn out.


Back in my corporate life, without even realising it, I was drowning in the corporate cult of ‘busy’ – always working, always more to do...

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