When I first had my little munchkin and I was in the process of attempting to find some sense of equilibrium in this slightly insane brave new world, the beautiful nurse we were seeing gave me some amazing, oh-so-sensible advice. And it was the kind of insight that is actually super relevant to so many parts of adulting, including this entrepreneurial journey, as well as the parenting one. 

To tell you the truth I was pretty shocked by the incredible intensity of just how much I love this tiny human being (I knew it would be love, but I had NO idea it would be such a full-body, visceral kind of experience), as well as dealing with very little sleep and the anxiety that comes with suddenly being completely responsible for the survival of another person.

Combine all those things together and I...


Coming back from holiday can be a bit of a crash-landing and a minefield of overwhelm to navigate.


There's so much to catch up on, so many things that haven't been done, jobs that were waiting for your return.


Not to mention all the DREAMS you dreamed and PLANS you planned while you had some downtime and brain bandwidth that are now crying out to be brought to life.


And then you throw in the fact that somehow, it's suddenly only 1 MONTH until CHRISTMAS (how the crickey-jingoes did that happen??!!??)


Well holy guacamole - chuck all those ingredients in the blender and you've got a recipe for slipping right back into pre-holiday stress mode with a one-way ticket to Overwhelm Town via Anxietyville.




There is no way I want to loose all that hard-earned relaxation and rejuven...


You know that panicy, slightly sick feeling you get when you’re teetering on the edge of overwhelm? It may creep in like a fog as you look through your emails, or roll over you with a sudden sense of dread when you think about everything on your ‘to-do’ list.


It often comes with a sense of 'not knowing where to start', of the job being too big to see a single, manageable foothold to give you that first leg up.


Sitting at my desk yesterday I could feel that energy of overwhelm starting to bubble up.


My desk was a mess,

my inbox was out of control with work email,

private email,




I had unreturned Facebook messages and text messages.

My Skype was blinking at a million miles an hour.


My to-do list covered two pages in my notebook, the scale of what I ‘needed to achieve’...

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