I had a question on my IGTV the other day on tips for newbies to help avoid being misrepresented in the media. This is such a great question, and something I know is a concern for many businesses and entrepreneurs, so I thought I’d share a few thoughts and tips to keep in mind.

Here’s the thing – the media is not a controlled form of communication. You don’t have the final say over the outcome, but there are ways you can manage a media opportunity to maximise your impact and shape the narrative as much as possible.

First up, the big thing is knowing what you’re agreeing to and what they’re looking for, so don’t be afraid to ask questions!

So many of the new-to-PR peeps I speak with get a media opportunity and are then afraid to ask anything more. Asking for as much info as possible is so impo...

The way you talk about your business MATTERS. The way you describe it in casual conversation is important. Because the way you THINK about what you do shapes and creates your reality.

A beautiful friend and client of mine designed this image - it’s actually a gif and very very cleverly morphs one word I to the other.

Not only is it some super snazzy animation work (you can check out more from Soph over HERE) but it’s also a really incredible encapsulation of the way so so many of the women I work with feel.

Tall poppy syndrome has got us all down playing our skills, our goals and our game.

Now, you might think that there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of modesty, and you know, generally I would say I agree. HOWEVER - there is a difference between modesty and an inability to positive...

The relationships you build with journalists and members of the media can be invaluable to your business growth and success.

Being in a position where the coverage opportunities come to you, where journalists are reaching out asking for your comment, your perspective on stories that are relevant to you and your business is kinda living the dream, right?

But it can feel like a distant dream, and nothing like reality when you’re first considering media engagement for your business.

As a solopreneur, with all the hats that you wear, something that feels overwhelming and more than a little intimidating is so easy to push to the bottom of the ‘to-do’ list, right?

BUT! Starting to build your media relationships doesn’t have to be scary. Here are 3 straightforward steps to help you find your media mo...

Set yourself up for an incredible 2018 with these simple tips, tools and practices.

1 – Celebrate the year that was

Before you shift gears and dive head-first into the New Year it’s really important to give yourself some closure from 2017. Last year was epic – just looking at world events it was a huge one, but it seems to have been a biggie on a personal and professional level for a lot of the women I work with also. Take the time to reflect on all that happened, all you did, achieved, survived, conquered, learnt, experienced and released.

The simple act of reflecting over what went down will remind you of just how much there was, and how far you’ve come. Big, small, full of flow or pushing shitake up a hill, recognise and acknowledge yourself for it all and take a moment to honour and celeb...

The #1 question that seems to burn in people’s minds when it comes to PR is, ‘what makes something PR worthy?’.

For something to be ‘PR worthy’ it has to have news value and news value is determined by relevance and impact for the audience. The audience I’m referring to here is the audience of the media outlet you’re targeting.

Now, for your PR outreach to have any purpose or to deliver results, the audience for your target media outlet needs to include people who fall into your ideal client/customer profile. BUT, it’s quite likely that the full audience will be broader than that, so, while you want to speak directly to ‘your people’, you still must consider the full spectrum of the outlet’s audience - because that’s who the journo you pitch to will be thinking of.

One of the biggest mistakes...

You know how busy your inbox is? Aaaalllll those emails that you scroll through, probably deleting most of them without even opening them up?

That's what you're sending your pitch into - a whirling vortex of constant emails flowing into your target journo's inbox, so your subject line NEEDS TO BE KILLER!

You've got to grab that journos attention in a micro-second, stop them scrolling and make them want to know more.

We talk about clickbait in online advertising and direct marketing, but it's just as big a deal in PR and it’s crucial to the success of your pitch!

Your subject line has gotta be attention seeking, spark curiosity, but do it in a way that clearly connects what you're pitching to the audience of the media outlet you're targeting. If you can plug a direct benefit/outcome for the rea...

This article started as a note in my phone that said ‘richness over riches’.

It was going to be a Facebook post about seeking SOULFUL success; on questioning the constraints of success that we’ve been taught as being purely defined in monetary terms and looking for what gives your life meaning, what truely makes YOU actually FEEL successful. 

It was going to be awesome - poignant, witty, super eloquent - trust me, it was going to be epic :P

BUT! That’s not what happened here, because when I came back to that note in my phone it suddenly jumped up and slapped me across the face. 

Richness OVER Riches 

Like they’re mutually exclusive concepts…

Holy wow there is a money block right there for you ladies!

You know richness is my jam. Purpose, Why, that inspiration, belief or cause that infu...

PR can sound a bit intimidating if it’s completely new to you, and often just knowing where to start can be the biggest barrier to getting yourself moving.

So, to help you take that first step, here are my three, quick and super easy to implement tips to kick-starting some PR in your biz.

1 – What do I talk about?

The question of whether or not you have anything ‘PR-worthy’ to talk about is a common one. Let me start by reassuring you that you ABSOLUTELY do. There is PR gold in your business, it’s just a case of uncovering it and the best place to start that is with your ideal client/customer.

That might sound a bit strange – why wouldn’t you start within your business? Surely that’s where the opportunities come from, right?

The answer is ‘yes and…’ Yes the PR-worthy content opportunities will...

There is SO MUCH that our brain is doing - making lists, rehearsing what you're going to say in that email you need to write, mentally checking in on all the jobs you know you've got to do, planning dinner, worrying about the kids - that when we try and find the space to allow our creativity to blossom forward there's too much noise, clutter and constant stuff going on for it to get anywhere close to being heard.

But if you want to create, if you want to tap into that feeling of flow and allow inspiration to her thang then you need some tools in your kit to help you make that happen, rather than relying on it to come about all on its own.

It's different for everyone, but the concept it always the same - get your brain to be quiet for a little while so inspiration has a chance to burst throug...

Have you got a workshop, event or speaking gig coming up? These 6 tips will have you prepp'ed and ready to own the stage and step into the spotlight with confidence. 

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