Are we heart-centred entrepreneurs missing the biz basics?

I was on a group coaching call yesterday, and I was talking about the fact that I’m currently coming off the back of the biggest launch I’ve ever done within my business, and the first one I’ve done as a working mumma.

To be honest this launch was harder than I anticipated.

I LOVE my business. I feel so incredibly privileged to be able to do this work and to work for myself. And I have the tendency to get very caught up in what I’m doing…

No, I’m actually going to stop myself right there, because that’s the bland, fluffy, inauthentic, crap way of saying I have work-a-holic tendencies, a bit of a perfectionist streak and incredibly high expectations of myself in terms of what I want to achieve and where I want to be.

But I also have an...

Authenticity is probably the number 1 buzz word I hear as a communicator and brand strategist.

Now I LOVE authenticity. I am on the authenticity bandwagon. But what does it actually mean to communicate with authenticity and why is it so important for your brand?

The short version is that authenticity is about being open, honest and real.

The real crux is being true to yourself and true to your values (personally and as a brand) and coming with that in mind whenever you reach out to your audience.

I was speaking with a client recently and she was talking about the pressure she feels on social media to conform to this perfect, healthy, yogi, wellbeing coach ideal that so many of the people and brands within her industry perpetuate through their social media profiles.

I’m sure you know the kind of...

Do you dream about growing your beautiful business to fuel an abundant life and have a greater impact in the world?

Are you ready to be SEEN, to become an authority and influencer within your industry?

Do you want to unlock your authentic voice and communicate with confidence and clarity?

If your answer was a big 'F-YEAH' to any of those questions then this is for you!

I'm so excited to officially open the doors to DIY PR Pro - a 6-week course to help you build a thriving business without soulless selling.

In the course I'll share my proven formula to help you achieve:

~~ Inspired clarity on your vision, values and purpose and how these can bring ease and flow to your business and marketing

~~ A soulful, straightforward PR and content marketing strategy that aligns with your values and directs...

When I first had my little munchkin and I was in the process of attempting to find some sense of equilibrium in this slightly insane brave new world, the beautiful nurse we were seeing gave me some amazing, oh-so-sensible advice. And it was the kind of insight that is actually super relevant to so many parts of adulting, including this entrepreneurial journey, as well as the parenting one. 

To tell you the truth I was pretty shocked by the incredible intensity of just how much I love this tiny human being (I knew it would be love, but I had NO idea it would be such a full-body, visceral kind of experience), as well as dealing with very little sleep and the anxiety that comes with suddenly being completely responsible for the survival of another person.

Combine all those things together and I...

Does this sound familiar?

  • You want to build your profile and see your brand in the media, but you’re not sure if you have anything ‘PR worthy’ to talk about.

  • You’re ready to position yourself as a 'go-to girl' and thought leader in your industry, but you don’t know where to get start.

  • You’re keen to grow your tribe and reach the right people with your beautiful message, but you want to do it without the slimy, icky sales feeling.

If that sounds like you, then lady I have made this exactly for you!

Introducing my FREE Pitch Perfect PR Challenge - over 5 days you’ll learn how to uncover the PR gold within your business and land your first piece of media coverage.

If you want to -

// Get the inside knowledge on how to develop your own smart, savvy PR engagement


// Identify...

About this time last year I was getting ready to go on maternity leave - I wasn’t actually due until early September, but by the end of June I already felt like I was 600 hundred weeks pregnant, and still getting daily morning sickness, which lemme tell you, was NOT limited to the AM, so I was COUNTING THE DAYS until my mat’ leave in mid-August.

I started wrapping things up progressively, slowing down, allowing myself the time and space to lie on the bathroom floor for a few minutes after my afternoon bout of vomiting (sorry! TMI!).

Anyway, I’m not sure whether it was baby brain, or just my total pre-baby naivety, but I had some definite presumptions about how things were going to roll once my little bun was out of the oven.

I was going to give myself a very generous 3 months to find my feet...

Lately I've been getting a whole lotta comparisonitis - that nasty condition that likes to compare and contrast everything everyone else is doing with where you are.

Social media is the most amazing trigger for comparisonitis - you get to see the highest of the highs that everyone else is achieving, the beautifully filtered pics of big wins, lux' lifestyles, champagne and business class.

Aaaannd then you look around at the piles of laundry all over your kitchen table, the baby food splattered across the side of the bench that you hadn't noticed before (and god knows how long it’s been there), the huge list of things you really want to be working on but haven't been able to touch for days because you've got a day job/ a bubba/ business admin that needs attention/ a family to look after/ healt...

I luuurve me a good goal - but the operative word in that sentence is 'good', and by that what I really mean is a 'well set' goal.

It's so easy to set a wishy washy goal in your head, or maybe you even jot it down on a piece of paper, or in your diary, something like "write a book" or "get more clients". (Now, I'm going to start out with a little side note warning, if you're sensitive about language then this might not be the post for you, I'm going to say 'shit' quite a bit. Also if you're sensitive about being called out on your own bullshit then it's probably time to read something else.)

But I'm going to be honest with you here, those shitty, thoughtless goals are not only useless, they can actually be doing more harm than good in your life and in your business.

You're a smart cookie - yo...

Well hello there,

Thanks so much for stopping by beautiful! 

It's been a long while since I was here on the blog, I've been on maternity leave getting acquainted with the newest member of the Conscious Communication team, so I thought I should reintroduce myself.

I’m Niki, the founder and director of Conscious Communication. I'm part strategic marketing and public relations coach, part yoga and meditation teacher. I’m a writer, a chai addict and a proud new mamma to a wild-hearted strawberry blonde bubba and a spunky fur baby named Lulu.

I believe that effective, strategic marketing and PR that is centred in heartfelt authenticity is the key to success in business.

I believe that you, yes YOU, have the ability to become a powerful and authentic marketer and I’m passionate about working with so...

Today is a first for me. An exciting first of many firsts. 

Today I am officially on maternity leave. And what a way to kick it off!

Right now I’m sitting in bed, in a treehouse looking out through the gum leaves across the lake to the ocean. We woke up to a Kookaburras welcoming the sunrise (not actually the most tranquil way to wake up, those buggars are loud, but beautiful nonetheless) and the sound of the swell rolling in. From here we can actually see two sea hawks in their nest!!! Seriously!

We’re taking a little long weekend ‘babymoon’ up the coast - a few days for us both to get our heads around the fact that we’re now officially ‘full term’ and just waiting for this munchkin to decide to make her move. 

A few days for me to completely let go and unwind now that I’m on mat’ leave.

For t...

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