This article started as a note in my phone that said ‘richness over riches’.

It was going to be a Facebook post about seeking SOULFUL success; on questioning the constraints of success that we’ve been taught as being purely defined in monetary terms and looking for what gives your life meaning, what truely makes YOU actually FEEL successful. 

It was going to be awesome - poignant, witty, super eloquent - trust me, it was going to be epic :P

BUT! That’s not what happened here, because when I came back to that note in my phone it suddenly jumped up and slapped me across the face. 

Richness OVER Riches 

Like they’re mutually exclusive concepts…

Holy wow there is a money block right there for you ladies!

You know richness is my jam. Purpose, Why, that inspiration, belief or cause that infu...

There is SO MUCH that our brain is doing - making lists, rehearsing what you're going to say in that email you need to write, mentally checking in on all the jobs you know you've got to do, planning dinner, worrying about the kids - that when we try and find the space to allow our creativity to blossom forward there's too much noise, clutter and constant stuff going on for it to get anywhere close to being heard.

But if you want to create, if you want to tap into that feeling of flow and allow inspiration to her thang then you need some tools in your kit to help you make that happen, rather than relying on it to come about all on its own.

It's different for everyone, but the concept it always the same - get your brain to be quiet for a little while so inspiration has a chance to burst throug...

A chat with the incredible Katie Dean is pretty much guaranteed to come with a whole heaping of light, laughter and beautiful insights - and our conversation for this latest episode of the Conscious Communication podcast certainly doesn’t disappoint! 

Just in case you haven’t met her, Katie is a writer, change maker, motivational maven and all round positivity junkie. She is a freestylin' motivation and mindset mechanic, and the woman behind the words of YOUR WILD LIFE. Katie was put on this earth to shine a light for women seeking confidence and clarity, and she's here to help you find your brave.

“I don’t ever want a life without fear. My fear is a chance for me to be brave.”

- Katie Dean

Looking back over the last year Katie’s soul journey and her approach to business and life have taken a...

Have you ever met someone and almost instantaneously connected? Felt that recognition of a kindred spirit and the bond of a soul sister?

Amy MacKenzie is one of those beautiful souls in my life.

Amy and I connected online a while ago through mutual friends, and only met face-to-face earlier this year. But already she’s become a really important part of my life and my business; sometimes when you find your tribe you just know :). So I’m thrilled to be able to share this second episode of the Conscious Communication podcast with you, where I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with the wonderful Amy.

Amy is a ‘coaches coach’, she works with heart-centred, spirited leaders and big dreaming entrepreneurs to purposefully create a life and business that they love. She’s passionate about bringing women...

Have you ever felt the call to build stronger, deeper, good ol’ face-to-face connection with your audience?

Are heart-centred, soul-filling live events on your business bucket list?

This week I’m so over the moon to be able to bring you the first Conscious Communications podcast with the one-and-only Jade McKenzie, founder of Event Head, the premier event management and coaching service for entrepreneurs, editor of EH Magazine and a self-professed event nerd.

Jade and I both operate from a very similar ethos – that your ‘why’, your purpose, needs to be your starting point and your constant anchor throughout the process of creating anything for your business, especially a beautiful, authentic, successful (and financially viable) event.

In this interview Jade gives us insights and tips on where...


We often think, and talk, about the ‘health’ of our business strictly in financial terms - the money coming in exceeds the money going out = healthy business.


Your profitability is, obviously, really important. But I think we, the entrepreneurs, soulpreneurs, the one-woman-all-singing-all-dancing-stage-shows, can fall into the trap of losing focus on the broader health indictors within our business.


How does your business make you feel? How much joy, pleasure, enjoyment, satisfaction, energy, exuberance, peace do you get from doing what you do? How much space does your business create in your life?


Sometimes, when I’m bogged down in my bottom line and the profitability hustle ‘my business’ starts to take on an ‘otherness’; it becomes this entity that lives and breathes and takes up its ow...


Do you ever feel creatively stuck, or tapped dry? Like those little leprechauns of inspiration just aren’t whispering in your ear at the moment?


Me too! Happens all the time; but luckily, I’ve got a sure fire way to tap back in to that feeling of flow - and it can help you too.


The secret is to get your head out of the way.


For me, my creativity is intrinsically linked to my yoga practice. Or, really I should say, my connection to that inner well of creativity is intrinsically linked to my ability to remove my mind from the process, and the most effective way of doing that (for me) is through my yoga.


Let me explain.


Our creativity is deeply seated in our spirit. It’s chillin’ down there alongside our intuition, rocking out a super zen lotus pose waiting for the chance to burst into actio...

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