Set yourself up for an incredible 2018 with these simple tips, tools and practices.

1 – Celebrate the year that was

Before you shift gears and dive head-first into the New Year it’s really important to give yourself some closure from 2017. Last year was epic – just looking at world events it was a huge one, but it seems to have been a biggie on a personal and professional level for a lot of the women I work with also. Take the time to reflect on all that happened, all you did, achieved, survived, conquered, learnt, experienced and released.

The simple act of reflecting over what went down will remind you of just how much there was, and how far you’ve come. Big, small, full of flow or pushing shitake up a hill, recognise and acknowledge yourself for it all and take a moment to honour and celeb...

About this time last year I was getting ready to go on maternity leave - I wasn’t actually due until early September, but by the end of June I already felt like I was 600 hundred weeks pregnant, and still getting daily morning sickness, which lemme tell you, was NOT limited to the AM, so I was COUNTING THE DAYS until my mat’ leave in mid-August.

I started wrapping things up progressively, slowing down, allowing myself the time and space to lie on the bathroom floor for a few minutes after my afternoon bout of vomiting (sorry! TMI!).

Anyway, I’m not sure whether it was baby brain, or just my total pre-baby naivety, but I had some definite presumptions about how things were going to roll once my little bun was out of the oven.

I was going to give myself a very generous 3 months to find my feet...

Lately I've been getting a whole lotta comparisonitis - that nasty condition that likes to compare and contrast everything everyone else is doing with where you are.

Social media is the most amazing trigger for comparisonitis - you get to see the highest of the highs that everyone else is achieving, the beautifully filtered pics of big wins, lux' lifestyles, champagne and business class.

Aaaannd then you look around at the piles of laundry all over your kitchen table, the baby food splattered across the side of the bench that you hadn't noticed before (and god knows how long it’s been there), the huge list of things you really want to be working on but haven't been able to touch for days because you've got a day job/ a bubba/ business admin that needs attention/ a family to look after/ healt...

I was asked recently in an interview what it means to be strategic when it comes to the way you/your brand communicates, and whether it’s something that anyone can do.

My first response was a huge ‘YESSSSS!’ because I just LOVE this question!

Not only because I just love talking about all things strategic communication, and communication in general (and just talking in general :P) but because it gets straight to the crux of a super common misconception for all the heart-centred entrepreneurs out there.

‘Being strategic’ doesn't have to be a hyper-masculine (in the energy sense) activity. It can be lovingly, soulfully driven and full to the brim of softness and feminine energy. In other words, strategy and a heart-centred approach are not mutually exclusive, but there seems to be this idea flo...

I realise that I'm stating the obvious here, but building and running a heart-centred business innately means that your heart, your soul and your intuition are intrinsically interwoven into the fabric of your 'profession'.

As a soulpreneur that's really what we've consciously built for ourselves - a business that allows us to live in the way we want to feel, day to day.

But that also means that when shit really fu@$ing sucks, and your heart is being torn into a million little pieces, scattered across the floor and stomped on with steel caps your business becomes a potential casualty.

Open, emotive, empathetic people - and if you're in the heart-centred entrepreneur game chances are that's you - are even more susceptible to experiencing the full spectrum of emotion, from the highest of highs t...

You know those days when you're just not feeling it? When you're really not in the flow and everything feels like an up hill battle?

Back in my in my corporate past life those are the days where I would have upped my coffee intake and pushed against the drag, hoping that regular caffeine spikes would pump up my motivation and output.

These days I have more respect for the innate ebbs and flows that come with our natural energetic cycle, and the ongoing transition of yin to yang and back again. When I'm really feeling the call to do less, I try to pay attention and give myself honour that guidance. The operative word here being ‘try’, because honestly, let’s face it, that is SOOO MUCH easier said than done. When you're running your own business or working in a busy job with clients and deadli...

Have you ever felt the call to build stronger, deeper, good ol’ face-to-face connection with your audience?

Are heart-centred, soul-filling live events on your business bucket list?

This week I’m so over the moon to be able to bring you the first Conscious Communications podcast with the one-and-only Jade McKenzie, founder of Event Head, the premier event management and coaching service for entrepreneurs, editor of EH Magazine and a self-professed event nerd.

Jade and I both operate from a very similar ethos – that your ‘why’, your purpose, needs to be your starting point and your constant anchor throughout the process of creating anything for your business, especially a beautiful, authentic, successful (and financially viable) event.

In this interview Jade gives us insights and tips on where...

So, you might be thinking ‘what the heck do miracles have to do with my marketing?’


Well, it’s not because you’re going to need a miracle to make it work :)


As a heart-centred entrepreneur you’re all about making a difference in people’s lives by bringing to your clients or customers more joy, positive change, wellness, beauty, whatever the case may be.


This opportunity to positively influence your customers or clients through the product or service you have to give is, in fact, the opportunity to help them manifest a miracle.


Now, before we get too far in, let me just clarify something. When I talk about miracles I don’t mean the biblical type of turning water into wine (although it would be pretty cool to be able to manifest that one ;)).


A miracle, as defined by A Course in Miracles, is...

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