Lately I've been getting a whole lotta comparisonitis - that nasty condition that likes to compare and contrast everything everyone else is doing with where you are.

Social media is the most amazing trigger for comparisonitis - you get to see the highest of the highs that everyone else is achieving, the beautifully filtered pics of big wins, lux' lifestyles, champagne and business class.

Aaaannd then you look around at the piles of laundry all over your kitchen table, the baby food splattered across the side of the bench that you hadn't noticed before (and god knows how long it’s been there), the huge list of things you really want to be working on but haven't been able to touch for days because you've got a day job/ a bubba/ business admin that needs attention/ a family to look after/ healt...


I don’t know about you, but I find it so easy to get caught up in the business of ‘doing’.


The solopreneur life can be a tad lonely, with more than a dash of isolation and it’s easy to get stuck in the ‘going it alone’ vacuum.


When I put my problem solving hat on, and I’m trying to sort out all the different bits and pieces that need to be done, AND juggle all the competing deadlines and timelines PLUS keep all the other day-to-day stuff in life and work ticking along… (and attempting to find time to breathe) sometimes it just doesn’t occur to me that I may not have to do every single teeny tiny thing on my own.


As a woman we’re almost pre-programmed to just assume that we should (gah! I hate that word) just roll our sleeves up, muck in and handle it all.


But you know what? Sometimes you...


Do me a favour – take a breath and just LET IT GO.


It’s time to soften your grip on whatever it is you’re clinging to - an expectation, an ideal, that specific outcome, a title, a goal, resentment, fear, worry, comparison, a ‘life plan’, a dream that doesn’t feel so ‘dream-like’ anymore.


Let go.


We carry so many assumptions that don’t serve us or are beyond their used-by date, like a hyper-colour 90’s bum-bag (fanny pack for the non-Aussies :) ) filled with expectations that are (often) unconscious and (mostly) unnecessary.


It’s a deadweight that drags you down and blocks your connection to the present moment.


So what’s stopping you from letting go?


In an episode of Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen (Mother of Dragons, Queen of Meereen and all-round kick-ass fierce fem’) said something t...

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