About this time last year I was getting ready to go on maternity leave - I wasn’t actually due until early September, but by the end of June I already felt like I was 600 hundred weeks pregnant, and still getting daily morning sickness, which lemme tell you, was NOT limited to the AM, so I was COUNTING THE DAYS until my mat’ leave in mid-August.

I started wrapping things up progressively, slowing down, allowing myself the time and space to lie on the bathroom floor for a few minutes after my afternoon bout of vomiting (sorry! TMI!).

Anyway, I’m not sure whether it was baby brain, or just my total pre-baby naivety, but I had some definite presumptions about how things were going to roll once my little bun was out of the oven.

I was going to give myself a very generous 3 months to find my feet...

I realise that I'm stating the obvious here, but building and running a heart-centred business innately means that your heart, your soul and your intuition are intrinsically interwoven into the fabric of your 'profession'.

As a soulpreneur that's really what we've consciously built for ourselves - a business that allows us to live in the way we want to feel, day to day.

But that also means that when shit really fu@$ing sucks, and your heart is being torn into a million little pieces, scattered across the floor and stomped on with steel caps your business becomes a potential casualty.

Open, emotive, empathetic people - and if you're in the heart-centred entrepreneur game chances are that's you - are even more susceptible to experiencing the full spectrum of emotion, from the highest of highs t...

My hubby and I have been renovating our house for what feels like forever. Actually, it’s been a pretty slow and casual process up until the last few months when the OMG-the-baby-is-actually-coming reality set in and we decided to finally get that new kitchen we’d been planning since we moved into the house. 

Pete LOVES this kind of thing. He’s super handy, so can do a lot himself, but also loves the whole dealing with tradies, getting quotes, finding deals, buying materials thing which is awesome. He can be a little bit distracted by shiny objects (like suddenly deciding he wants to tile the downstairs bathroom by himself while we’re in the middle of trying to do the kitchen) and does like to do the big picture thinking that sometimes leaves the day-to-day logistics and execution a little...

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