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It's been a long while since I was here on the blog, I've been on maternity leave getting acquainted with the newest member of the Conscious Communication team, so I thought I should reintroduce myself.

I’m Niki, the founder and director of Conscious Communication. I'm part strategic marketing and public relations coach, part yoga and meditation teacher. I’m a writer, a chai addict and a proud new mamma to a wild-hearted strawberry blonde bubba and a spunky fur baby named Lulu.

I believe that effective, strategic marketing and PR that is centred in heartfelt authenticity is the key to success in business.

I believe that you, yes YOU, have the ability to become a powerful and authentic marketer and I’m passionate about working with so...

I was asked recently in an interview what it means to be strategic when it comes to the way you/your brand communicates, and whether it’s something that anyone can do.

My first response was a huge ‘YESSSSS!’ because I just LOVE this question!

Not only because I just love talking about all things strategic communication, and communication in general (and just talking in general :P) but because it gets straight to the crux of a super common misconception for all the heart-centred entrepreneurs out there.

‘Being strategic’ doesn't have to be a hyper-masculine (in the energy sense) activity. It can be lovingly, soulfully driven and full to the brim of softness and feminine energy. In other words, strategy and a heart-centred approach are not mutually exclusive, but there seems to be this idea flo...

I realise that I'm stating the obvious here, but building and running a heart-centred business innately means that your heart, your soul and your intuition are intrinsically interwoven into the fabric of your 'profession'.

As a soulpreneur that's really what we've consciously built for ourselves - a business that allows us to live in the way we want to feel, day to day.

But that also means that when shit really fu@$ing sucks, and your heart is being torn into a million little pieces, scattered across the floor and stomped on with steel caps your business becomes a potential casualty.

Open, emotive, empathetic people - and if you're in the heart-centred entrepreneur game chances are that's you - are even more susceptible to experiencing the full spectrum of emotion, from the highest of highs t...

When I was first starting out in my career (small town girl making her way in the big city, finding her feet in agencyland - sooooo cliche hahaha) I suddenly found myself thrown head-first into the corporate game of snakes and ladders. You climb the ladders as quickly as you can and try your damnedest to avoid the snakes (be it people, clients, destined-to-fail projects or sticky situations) that could slip you back down the board again.

When I was starting out I was SUPER lucky to be blessed with some fantastic managers, role models and official and unofficial mentors. And I’m not just talking about the leaders and managers who were nice and friendly, easy to work with kinda people, I’m talking about the rare and invaluable kind of person who really invested their time and energy into supp...

Sometimes, when I sit down to write my weekly post (one of my absolute favourite parts of my week), all I hear is a little quiet whisper that says 'There are no words. Be still. Enjoy the silence.' 

After a crazy few weeks of work, home renos, soul-opening 'a-has', puppy-sitting and the ever-growing need to nap that's coming over me as I get further into my pregnancy, this week my creative inspiration is telling me that it is time to rest.

So, rather than pushing through and trying to force the flow, instead I wanted to share some of my favourite resources and inspiration go-tos, for those of you who might also be feeling a bit of creative fatigue.

If that sounds like you, move forward with love, be kind to yourself, let the ease return (as it always will).


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