"Niki is one of those rare women that embody sophistication, spirituality and sass in this 'all empowering' package.


I now consider Niki to be a part of my team, because we don’t have to plan and orchestrate these things alone. With experts such as Niki around, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to expand, stretch and aim high?


I thoroughly recommend Conscious Communication for helping you find your authentic voice and the inner confidence to allow it to truly roar."

"When I came across Niki’s values on her site I knew immediately she was the PR gun I needed. 

Not only is she extremely talented, working with her was very easy, reassuring and fun. 

I highly recommend her services and am looking forward to working together again."

"Working with Niki was amazing. Niki helped me get clearer on what I should be focussing on in my business. She made the thought of investing time in PR and communications so much more simple, by breaking it down in to actions that felt right for me. 


Niki has a beautiful presence and is a heart-centred coach that will help you work through your blocks when it comes to putting yourself and your business out there. She managed to push me out of my comfort zone and really delve into ways that I can grow my brand and reach."

"I highly recommend Niki if you are wanting to take your business to the next level all while staying true to your highest self  and values.


Conscious communication is what Niki is all about and damn girl, does she know what she is talking about!"

"Niki helped me clarify my message and get right to the heart of what I wanted to communicate.


I knew what I wanted to say, but wasn't able to find the right words. Niki helped me find my voice and bring my unique message to life.”

"When I started my business I was so excited and jumped straight in to doing my thing and working with clients. But I missed the crucial step of laying the foundations of my brand. As a result, I lacked clarity around how to consistently communicate my area of expertise and really showcase my business.


But during my session with Niki, she quickly pinpointed my area of authority which was a game changer! I now have so much clarity and a solid structure to base all my content on.


Also, before working with Niki I felt that my business wasn't PR worthy. I had no clue where to start and in my mind, PR was a write off for my business! But once Niki identified my area of authority, she provided me with a number of different media pitch ideas and media targets that I could action myself.


I walked away from my session with Niki feeling more confident, excited and definitely inspired to share my work on a larger scale!"