Build your profile as a leader and influencer in your industry with this premium consulting package designed to build brand buzz, create momentum for your messaging and increase your influence across the market.

This package includes:


  • 90-minute strategy session where we’ll clarify and define your Area of Authority, we’ll brainstorm and define the key topics you can talk about, clarifying the strongest angles and news hooks, as well as talking about the media on your dream list


  • Development of 1x professional article which you’ll then review and provide feedback and amendments (x2 edit rounds)

  • Development of a perfect-for-you media list of target outlets and podcasts (number of targets will vary depending on your topic/niche)


  • Development of a tailored pitch proposing you as an interviewee for agreed podcast targets


  • Development of a tailored pitch proposing your article to your priority media targets


  • Development of a spokesperson biography, used alongside the pitches to propose you as a potential interviewee for target media outlets


  • Tailored outreach to pitch and secure placement of 1x article


  • Tailored outreach to pitch, secure and schedule podcast interview opportunities


  • Tailored interview pitching to agreed online, print and broadcast media targets

  • Interview scheduling, management and follow up


YOUR INVESTMENT: Starting From $2,475 AUD + GST

*note: all packages can be tailored to your business requirements

Please note - all PR Packages will be available again commencing January 2020

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