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The Battle of Creative Resistance

Just Write

Siting down to write is the hardest part. Far and away harder than actually typing the words; it’s sitting my butt down in my seat and being here, in this moment, fulfilling my intention to write that’s always hardest.

There’s always so much else I could be doing. Client work. Housework. Emails (the procrastinator’s bff). Social media (the never ending black-hole time void). When you know you’ve got to sit down and do the work, when you’re attempting to give birth to that creative project that’s been weighing heavy in your heart, there is always something easier, simpler, less soul-aching and gut wrenching to distract you.

And the excuses not to do it are so LOGICAL! You have to work, you gotta pay the bills, you have responsibilities (oohh, nice one!) and commitments (aw yeah, that’s a goodie!) and massive social media-induced FOMO so you should really check Instagram again, just in case something really awesome happened in the last 12 minutes.

This invisible, powerful, epically compelling force of resistance is never ceasing. It’s guerrilla warfare, with the dirtiest, most insidious tactics. And all the while your heart and soul are screaming at you to ‘put down the ASOS app’ and just do it. Just start!

Oh but resistance.….





…Sorry, I just had to step away for a few hours to walk the dog/ wash my hair/ watch the latest episode of Suits/ rearrange the pillows on the bed…

But finally, I sit. Gazing at the white space and the blinking curser.

What to write.

What to write.

What to write.




Write something.

Write anything.

To quote Mr Hemingway, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” If, as Ernie says, to write is to bleed, then the act of sitting is opening the vein.

So… how do you fight against the guerrilla warfare waged by resistance with its brother-in-arms procrastination? A bunch of the greats have said that the key is to create the habit of writing; what you actually write isn’t important, it’s the discipline giving the words the channel to flow through, and eventually the right words will come. I guess that’s the same as any endeavour – the more you do something the easier it becomes. The more you get your ass out of bed at 5am to go to yoga, the easier it is to do.

It takes 40 days to form a habit; so this is me declaring my intention to create the habit of writing by simply sitting and allowing the words to flow. Everyday. For the next 40 days. And if I skip a day, I’ll start again from the beginning.

Let’s see how this goes :)

How do you reduce the pull of resistance in your life? I’d love to know. Share any tips or thoughts in the comments below.

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