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3 Secrets for Killer Social Content

Whether you’re just launching your new brand, or you’ve been in your groove for a while and you’re looking to hit a new high note in reach and awareness, getting started on social media can be a really daunting thing. Putting yourself out there and opening your brand (yourself) up to the world is a big scary leap. What do you say? What sort of pics do you post? How do you get people engaging with your content?

Often the best way to get started is just to start. Taking a ‘test and learn’ approach in the first few months will give you the opportunity to find out what works for your audience, what people want to hear and see, and what really gets them liking, sharing and commenting.

If you’re feeling really stuck, here are a few of my secrets to killer content to help you take that first social media plunge.

Remember the 4 E’s - Educate, entertain, emotionally engage

Ultimately, people are looking for content that is relevant to them, and is one of three things:

Useful - it solves a problem they have or helps them feel more informed

Escapism - something to make them laugh out loud or gasp in amazement

Pulls on the heartstrings – it brings a happy, or a sad, tear to their eye

A feeling is stronger than a thought

This is an expansion on the three E’s concept; if you can make your audience feel something you’ll connect on a whole different level to something that is thought provoking or informative! The best way to evoke emotion in your content is to use one of our oldest and greatest forms of communication – . There is something so powerful in a well told anecdote or story, it makes your message personal, gives it context and helps people relate to what you’re saying as well as to you as the storyteller.

Be real

There is nothing worse than trying to be something you’re not in life, or in your business. It doesn’t feel nice for you and your audience will catch on pretty quick smart, especially through a medium that is all about personal connections. Authenticity needs to be at the absolute centre of everything you do in social. – but to achieve this you need to build legitimate connections with your audience, and people can smell a fake a mile away. Be yourself, be real, bleed authenticity.

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