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What's holding you back?

Do me a favour – take a breath and just LET IT GO.

It’s time to soften your grip on whatever it is you’re clinging to - an expectation, an ideal, that specific outcome, a title, a goal, resentment, fear, worry, comparison, a ‘life plan’, a dream that doesn’t feel so ‘dream-like’ anymore.

Let go.

We carry so many assumptions that don’t serve us or are beyond their used-by date, like a hyper-colour 90’s bum-bag (fanny pack for the non-Aussies :) ) filled with expectations that are (often) unconscious and (mostly) unnecessary.

It’s a deadweight that drags you down and blocks your connection to the present moment.

So what’s stopping you from letting go?

In an episode of Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen (Mother of Dragons, Queen of Meereen and all-round kick-ass fierce fem’) said something that really struck a chord - “People learn to love their chains”.

The chains that hold us back from living to our full, conscious potential are the limiting beliefs and culturally programed ‘statements of success’ we subscribe too.

It’s the ‘shoulds’, the pressures and the unconscious expectations (I should have this job title by now, I’m supposed to be married by the time I’m 30, I have to do this because it’s just what’s expected, I can’t chase that dream because it’s not financially viable).

No. Enough.

It can feel so hard to release those heavy weights, to slip through the threads of our cultural programing and – perhaps – contradict the values and priorities you’ve been brought up to hold.

But imagine the release.

Imagine the relief of letting it all go, of surrendering to what your heart really calls for you to do. Imagine viewing each and every moment through fresh, un-tinted eyes, without the lens of expectation and assumption colouring the landscape.

The essence of living an authentic life is knowing what’s true for you. The more you dig, the more you’ll realise there’s plenty of rubble taking up space.

But when you dig deep, and you get below that surface layer, that’s when you really start to strike gold.

As the cultural and familial expectations start to fall away your true desires, the things that flood you with joy and set off the hallelujah chorus in your heart, might take you by surprise.

Insight gives you clarity, purpose, direction and drive.

Keep digging. It’s a process; a constant, evolving process. Keep digging and I promise you’ll strike gold.

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