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Sometimes shit just does not go to plan

Last week I spent hours and hours working on a newsletter for a client.

Hours and hours and hours.

It took WAY longer than it should have because the email marketing program they're using is shocking.

User experience = frustrating, painful, slow, difficult to use - basically a laundry list of exactly what you don't want your customer to ever think about your brand was bubbling in my brain (and, let's be honest, a lot of it was coming outta my potty mouth as well). At 10pm on Wednesday night I had it all ready to go, I just needed to sort out a few more little details before hitting 'send' the next morning. Soooo, Thursday morning rolls around; I login to said terrible-user-experience-email-marketing-system only to find that 3/4 of my content and my segmented distribution list had disappeared. It's not that I hadn't saved it - this is one of those online ones that saves automatically as you go - but it sure wasn't there anymore. So naturally I hit the roof (cue more terrible never-kiss-your-grandma-with-that-mouth language). I sent a panicked email to their tech support - apparently I wasn't the only one; a product update the company had rolled out overnight was buggy and they'd already had a whole bunch of customer complaints. Nothing they could do. The work was lost. Got to start again. So, my customer experience dropped down to 'leech in your salad' levels. But knowing that it wasn't my fault didn't help my situation. Sometimes the proverbial shit will hit the fan at warp speed. Milk is spilt.

Things fall apart.

CTRL ALT DELETE won't bring it back to life. So what do you do? Sometimes, you've just got to fluff out your tutu and take the hit like a lady boss (read, any and all of the following - screaming obscenities at your computer screen, letting the tears flow, standing in a long, hot, hot, scalding hot shower, pouring yourself a strong drink, taking a breath, walking away, phoning your emergency contact, buying shoes, yoga, the worlds largest mug of tea, laughing hysterically, finding the perfect reaction gif, turning Shake it Off up to max and singing with every ounce of fibre in your being until all the frustration, anger, anxiety and internal chaos has been purged like a Taylor-made exorcism.) Do what you've got to do to let it go, to get it out of your system. Do it with grace and class (aka don't scream the obscenities at your unsuspecting husband or send a profanity-filled email to the poor tech support dude); and don't dwell on it. Apply the cleanser of your choice, then wash it off and reapply your foundation. So, I let the client know that the email would be a little later than expected, I sucked it up, and I did it again. Because sometimes, shit just does not go to plan. But even when it's landing on you in a huge steaming pile, always remember - You are a force. You are a professional. This too shall pass. Tip your hat to the leprechauns, pixies or whatever mischievous spectre of the universe is clutching it's sides at the hilarity of your situation. Persevere, do it with a smile, and you can still come out on top.

Have you ever had a week where everything seems to go wrong? What's your go-to reset button, to help you clear it out of your system and get your head back in the game?

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