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How To: Facebook Audience Insights

Did you know that Facebook holds approximately 1 MILLION points of data on each of its users?

It knows where you live, what you do for a living, your favourite place to buy coffee, the type of ad you’re most likely to click on, that your husband loves sailing and where he buys his sailing gloves.

A little scary? Yes.

A massive opportunity for your business? Absa-fricken-lutely!

Because the awesome thing is that you can access these insights to get to know your audience like they’re you’re BFF.

If you’ve got a Facebook page (page, not personal profile) then you’ll probably have noticed the ‘Insights’ tab at the top. This tab is fantastic, it gives you all sorts of useful and insightful info about your current Facebook fans, what age bracket they’re in, how they interact with your content, when they’re online etc, etc.

BUT WAIT! The real gold mine is Facebook’s Audience Insights, accessed through the ‘Tools’ drop down in Ad Manager.

Now the power of this tool really comes to life when you’ve got a clear idea of who your ideal customer is; if you’re not sure, sign up for my e-newsletter and I’ll send you my free Fool Proof Guide to Getting to Know your Ideal Customer!

Once you know the basic demo and psychographics of who you want to reach, Audience Insights can help you get to know them even better.

All you do is plug in all the information you already know about your ideal customer – where are they, how old are they, are you particularly targeting men or women, or both?

What interests does your ideal customer have? What’s their relationship status? You can even drill down to education level or institution.

I like to start by putting in all the info I have about my customer, later you can look at getting into the nitty-gritty of specific segments of that audience if you want to.

So, let’s say you’re launching a new online yoga streaming service, providing customers with access to a library of online yoga classes for a monthly fee.

You know your audience is primarily based in Australia, the UK and Canada; you’re particularly targeting busy, professional women between 25 and 45. They like yoga, meditation and nutrition generally, and more specifically they Yoga Journal the magazine, which also has a Facebook page.

Once you’ve plugged in all the details you have, now you get to explore!

You can now see the size of your potential audience and where they’re located down to the city level.

The part that I find so, so exciting, and SUPER useful, is the ‘Page Likes’ tab. This will list other Facebook pages that your ideal customer is likely to like, which gives you the ability to be even more specific in your audience targeting and gives you amazing insight into your ideal customer that you can feed in to your messaging.

SO COOL right?

The best way to get started is just to get in there and play around. Handily, you can also save the audiences you build, to then use for your ad targeting.

Check it out and let me know how you go. And, as always, if you found this article interesting and useful, don’t keep it to yourself! Share it with someone else who might benefit :).

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