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Could this one little thing be holding you back from greatness?

Unlock your fear

Have you ever been on the very tipping point of hitting your goal, of getting your dream job, of saying 'yes' to that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, when suddenly you second guess yourself?

You start to see all the good stuff about your current role.

You wonder whether you really do want to say 'yes'... maybe, actually, 'no' would be a better response - you're super busy, after all, and you really don't want to overload yourself and take on too much...

Oh the tricky, wiley ways fear has of convincing us that we're not scared.

Fear is so often disguised as another, supposedly legitimate or useful behaviour - practicality, for example, self-preservation, scepticism, doubt.

Change and challenge are like a written invitation for fear to slip on it's camo' gear, paint some artistic, Rambo-style dirt on it's face nd army crawl into your subconscious.

All these 'pragmatic' thoughts, behaviours and emotions are ways our ego has of disguising fear-based thoughts and paralysing us from action.

Why? Because the ego likes comfort zones. It likes existing patterns and ways of being, and it really, really doesn't like change.

Fear-based thoughts can completely derail your momentum and self-confidence, elbowing you out of action and into interia.

When you've got big, beautiful dreams it’s so easy to let that inner fear-filled voice tell you that 'there's NO WAY you can actually pull this off, who do you think you are?'. It'll claw you back into the ‘safety' of staying inside the box.

So what can you do?

The first step is always recognition and awareness.

Awareness is the circuit breaker for your fear thoughts and allows you to take a step back from getting swept away in them.

Once you know what’s going on, once you understand the game, you’re no longer a player, you’re the ref’ on the sidelines calling foul and handing out the yellow cards.

Once you see the sneaky tactics that are being played you can call ‘time out’ and send your ego to the sin bin.

The second step is forgiveness, and I know that sounds like it would be easier said than done, but all it takes is a little bit of willingness and a whole lotta of love.

Be willing to face and then release your fear; take a deep breath, and then just let it go.

Ask the universe for help and guidance. Ask for what you truly want, even when it seems outrageous and full of blue sky. Stick to your guns and don’t let the games of your ego steer you off your course. Don’t let fear dictate your decisions, be the designer of your destiny, not a bystander.

Recognise that it takes courage to embrace change, and conviction to let go of fear, and give yourself the credit that you’re due for being willing to take that step.

Back yourself, face your fear, and shine bright.

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