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How to set a goal and actually achieve it

The start of the New Year is all about resolutions, a new start, a clean slate.

The sense of possibility and opportunity is in the air; you’ve done your goal/intention/resolution setting and you’ve got big, beautiful dreams to realise and the determination to get straight in and make them happen.

Heart on fire

High vibe energy

Motivation pumping through your veins

Soul humming ‘Eye of the Tiger’

Aaaaannnnnd then life kicks back into gear.

You go back to work, you’ve got food shopping to do, a house to clean, kids to entertain.

Slowly but surely that fire in your belly, the light of potential and optimism for chasing those big dreams starts to ebb away until BOOM; it’s April and you suddenly realise those beautiful, heart-felt intentions have fallen completely off your radar.

Sound familiar?

It sure does to me! I’m a serial goal setter and forgetter – I used to spend joyful, sacred hours devoting myself to the creation of big hairy audacious goals, only to fall ‘out of action’ within the first month.

BUT! That was then, and this is now, and NOW I have a different, soulful, realistic approach to working towards my intentions and bringing them into full-blooming abundant life.

It’s really simple and totally fool proof.

Step One: Be Realistic

The first step is to be realistic in the number of intensions you set. Having a laundry list of 17 huge milestones you want to hit is potentially more like a five year plan than one year’s.

My advice; pick three.

Three big intensions or goals that you’re going to work towards this year. Align them with the way you want to feel (your core desired feelings) and focus on the three that get your soul blazing.

Three might not sound like enough of a challenge for you, but these big goals will be like your over-arching themes and objectives, with multiple mini-goals or actions that fall under each one.

Step Two: Set Mini-Goals

These mini-goals are the smaller, but not insignificant, things you want to achieve throughout the year that will all ladder up to helping you achieve the big shebang.

It’s these ongoing mini-goals, and the actions you set in place to help you achieve them, that are going to help you build and maintain your momentum throughout the year.

To stay ‘in action’ (making progress towards your goals) you need to continually and consistently do things that support your movement towards those goals or intentions.

Step Three: Momentum and Consistency through Action

The third step is to take those mini-goals and work out what you need to do (in detail) to make them happen.

Write a list. A full, comprehensive, every-tiny-little-detail list that includes all the things you're going to do to achieve each of your mini-goals.

BOOM – there it is; your list of actions that you can, no sorry, that you WILL start today to get you hustling that butt in the direction of your ginormous pie-in-the-sky goals.

So let me give you an example.

Say one of your big goals is: Double my income to over $150,000

Such a massive, challenging and awesome financial abundance goal to work towards.

In order to achieve that big, beautiful goal you’ll have a number of mini-goals that will contribute to it and that are smaller and more achievable in a shorter time frame.

For example: Launch my first paid online workshop and secure 50 participants

Now, in order to achieve this mini goal there will be a series of actions that you will need to put in place to help you get there, such as:

Develop workshop content

Select online hosting system

Develop workbook

Decide on time and date for workshop

Develop marketing plan and timeline


Step Four: Start RIGHT NOW

As you work towards ticking all these actions off your list, you create a powerful sense of momentum and movement that will help you to intrinsically feel that you are consistently taking steps in the right direction for achieving your big year-long goal of doubling your income.

And you know the best place to start? The smallest, easiest action that you can complete and tick off your list as quickly as possible. That small little win will help you bust through the initial inertia that can make the first step the hardest.

Each action you cross off is a win for the mini-goal and a win for the big hairy goal.

Step Five: Be Accountable

When you’ve got blue sky plans and vibrant goals that are singing in your soul the BEST way to ensure you stay ‘in action’ and keep the momentum up is to make yourself accountable.

Having your own personal cheerleader, who will keep you on track, help you dig in and make the magic happen and support and encourage you every step of the way is the number one, sure-fire way to make sure you do what you set out to do and achieve the things you set out to achieve.

I really believe that we all have the potential to achieve anything we set our hearts and minds to, but having a support system is essential!

If you’re chasing the big dream, or looking to kick more goals in 2016 I’d love to be right there by your side, supporting you every step of the way! If you’d like to coach with me this year drop me a line over here.

If there’s anyone you know who would benefit from some loving accountability and a good dose of determination inspiration then share this post with them and help them hit their high marks this year!

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