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Why a miracle mindset = marketing magic

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So, you might be thinking ‘what the heck do miracles have to do with my marketing?’

Well, it’s not because you’re going to need a miracle to make it work :)

As a heart-centred entrepreneur you’re all about making a difference in people’s lives by bringing to your clients or customers more joy, positive change, wellness, beauty, whatever the case may be.

This opportunity to positively influence your customers or clients through the product or service you have to give is, in fact, the opportunity to help them manifest a miracle.

Now, before we get too far in, let me just clarify something. When I talk about miracles I don’t mean the biblical type of turning water into wine (although it would be pretty cool to be able to manifest that one ;)).

A miracle, as defined by A Course in Miracles, is simply a shift from fear back to love.

I say ‘simply’, because this shift is something we can consciously work towards manifesting in our own lives every single moment of the day, but that doesn’t diminish the strength, power and possibility that this offers us.

A miracle is a mindset shift, which can be the conscious decision to choose love instead of anger when you start to feel yourself getting shitty with your husband (this is one I’m trying to implement on a more regular basis), it can be the release of a long-held limiting belief, or the act of forgiveness, of someone else, or, perhaps the more difficult one, yourself.

No matter how small or large the shift, no matter how long it takes, or how difficult it has been to get to that point, each shift is a miracle.

When we approach the world with a belief that miracles are not only possible, but are constantly happening, we open ourselves up to manifesting the results of living in that loving state of joy – namely, co-creating a beautiful, miraculous life.

Pretty cool, huh?!?

So what DOES this have to do with your business, brand and marketing?

A course in miracles teaches that every encounter is a holy encounter, and when you put that lens over your communications, well it changes everything.

Every interaction you have with your audience is an opportunity for your product or service to meet a need, address a challenge or solve a problem for them, which is the opportunity for you to help that client or customer release even a small kernel of fear, doubt, anxiety or stress and to return to a loving frame of mind. MIRACLE!

Every time you reach out to your community you have the chance to make their lives a little brighter; that alone should give you the nice warm and fuzzies and a reason to open your heart and give them all you’ve got.

It's so easy to get caught in the 'gah I really have to do a Facebook post today, I guess this will do' mentality, when you don't know how many people will actually see the post, or who it will reach or why you’re really doing it in the first place.

But when it's coming straight from the heart, when it's a pure moment honouring the precious opportunity you've been given to have a holy encounter with another human being, your message will find the right home and hopefully, inspire a miracle.

Have you found that your mindset affects your marketing? I’d love to hear about it! Comment below, and don’t forget to share this post with someone else who might need a little miracle marketing magic.

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