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YOU are your most valuable marketing asset

Do you consider yourself a bit of a newby to the marketing game? Feel like you’re fumbling in the dark when it comes to promoting your brand, event or product? It’s really easy to let overwhelm stomp on in and rule the roost when you’re first dipping your toe in the communications pond, but you actually have a secret weapon up your sleeve, even if you don’t know it yet.

Can I let you in on a little secret? YOU are actually your biggest asset when it comes to marketing.

Yep, that’s right, you heard me.

You are your own marketing trump card, and here’s why – your story, your journey, your personality, quirks and your reason for doing what you do are all uniquely, distinctly, individually yours.

No one else, now, or ever in the history of this big wide world, has what you have to offer. No one else has your experiences, your skills, your unique interpretation of the world and where you stand right now, and that, my lovely reader, is SO powerful!

Getting your uniqueness to work for you in your marketing and communications is what’s going to give you a point of differentiation that no one else has. The trick is to actually give yourself permission to be openly, authentically you; to share your journey, let people in behind the scenes and be really real.

Knowing what makes you unique will boost your confidence in your own offering AND in the way you communicate that offering out into the world.

So what are your unique skills, attributes, experiences? What’s your story, how did you come to be where you are today? What have you learnt throughout that process, how has the shaped the person you are and lead you to do what you’ve done?

Telling a story is so much more powerful than facts, stats and figures. Why? Because when you engage your audience on an emotional level you create a real and lasting connection. As Maya Angelou said, people won’t remember what you’ve told them, they’ll remember how you made them feel, and sharing your story, your ‘why’, is the best way to do that.

Want to know another little secret? When you talk about why you do what you do, and you share the story of how you came to where you are today, any of those nagging little ‘icky’ feelings that often pop up when we talk about ‘self promotion’ and ‘marketing’ will go away, because you’re sharing something authentic and real, rather than trying to sell.

It’s so important to remember, there are people out there who will benefit from what you have to give, so keeping that to yourself, or feeling yucky about marketing yourself/your brand is actually doing a disservice to those whose lives you could potentially impact.

Get really clear on your uniqueness, write down your story, think about your ‘why’, it will change the way you think about your communications and the way you approach it. It’s time to unleash that secret marketing weapon, and then I want to hear about it! Comment below or on Facebook and tell us your story!

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