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Conscious Communication the podcast: EPISODE 1 - Jade McKenzie

Conscious Communication the podcast

Have you ever felt the call to build stronger, deeper, good ol’ face-to-face connection with your audience?

Are heart-centred, soul-filling live events on your business bucket list?

This week I’m so over the moon to be able to bring you the first Conscious Communications podcast with the one-and-only Jade McKenzie, founder of Event Head, the premier event management and coaching service for entrepreneurs, editor of EH Magazine and a self-professed event nerd.

Jade and I both operate from a very similar ethos – that your ‘why’, your purpose, needs to be your starting point and your constant anchor throughout the process of creating anything for your business, especially a beautiful, authentic, successful (and financially viable) event.

In this interview Jade gives us insights and tips on where to start, what’s important, the biggest pitfall and her top tips for bringing to life that event that has been bubbling away in the back of your brain.

Jade also spoke a little about her fabulous program, Workshop Wonderful, which is now open for registrations.

Full disclosure here, I’m very proud and thrilled to be working with the amazing Event Head team as an ‘expert contributor’ to this round of Workshop Wonderful and have the privilege of also being an affiliate for the program.

This program is a one-stop-shop of everything you need to know to create and run fabulous events, and because I’m so excited to be able to be involved, I’ve also got some super special freebies just for you when you sign up through my affiliate link.

Sign up today and you’ll also receive:

  • A 40 minute presentation training power session to help you get ‘spotlight’ ready for your next workshop, event or speaking gig

  • A tailored social media audit, where I’ll look at your primary social media channel to identify opportunities for you to increase your reach, engage with your ideal audience and maximise your ROI

  • My guided pre-presentation meditation – a short, centring ritual that I use to get really present and embodied right before a big gig

  • An early copy of my brand new digital workbook ‘Unlock your own brand of Marketing Magic’

All these extra goodies are yours for FREE when you sign up for Workshop Wonderful through my link – just click on the link below, then email me with your confirmation! SO EASY!

I really hope you love this first episode of the podcast as much as I loved creating it. If you did, make sure you sign up for my newsletter so you never miss an episode (plus you'll receive all sorts of other love-filled goodies).


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