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Sometimes, when I sit down to write my weekly post (one of my absolute favourite parts of my week), all I hear is a little quiet whisper that says 'There are no words. Be still. Enjoy the silence.'

After a crazy few weeks of work, home renos, soul-opening 'a-has', puppy-sitting and the ever-growing need to nap that's coming over me as I get further into my pregnancy, this week my creative inspiration is telling me that it is time to rest.

So, rather than pushing through and trying to force the flow, instead I wanted to share some of my favourite resources and inspiration go-tos, for those of you who might also be feeling a bit of creative fatigue.

If that sounds like you, move forward with love, be kind to yourself, let the ease return (as it always will).


Beautiful Writers Podcast with Danielle LaPorte and Linda Sivertsen

Interviews with writers, publishers and industry insiders from Arianna Huffington to Steven Pressfield. SO MUCH LIGHT in these ladies words!

She Makes Magic

Another beautiful podcast that will be music for your soul. Interviews with daring, courageous women who are sharing their stories about leaving the things that no longer serve them behind in order to create a life filled with everything they love.

Your Wild Life with Katie Dean

One of the most beautifully honest, raw and open blogs by a truely beautiful soul. Katie is a very precious friend of mine, and her blog never ceases to inspire and floor me with the huge truthbombs she drops in a witty and love-filled way.

The War of Art by Steve Pressfield

If you haven't read this book, DO IT NOW! This, in my mind, is required reading for anyone with any kind of creative calling or aspirations. Changed. My. World.


When I'm feeling really zapped, aka exactly when I need my meditation practice most, I find all sorts of resistance bubbling up when it comes to actually sitting down and doing the work. When that's the case it's time to pull out one of my guided meditations. Whether you're new to meditation, new to guided meditation, or just feeling some drag around your practice Headspace is an AWESOME place to start.

Get on the mat

Get out of your head and into your body for a little while - yoga is my go-to, but it could be a run, swim, dance class...anything. Your body is the gateway to your creativity, so get nice and embodied, grounded and open the gates!

Bark Post

Because... puppies.

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