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PODCAST EPISODE 3: Katie Dean, Your Wild Life

Episode 3 - Katie Dean

A chat with the incredible Katie Dean is pretty much guaranteed to come with a whole heaping of light, laughter and beautiful insights - and our conversation for this latest episode of the Conscious Communication podcast certainly doesn’t disappoint!

Just in case you haven’t met her, Katie is a writer, change maker, motivational maven and all round positivity junkie. She is a freestylin' motivation and mindset mechanic, and the woman behind the words of YOUR WILD LIFE. Katie was put on this earth to shine a light for women seeking confidence and clarity, and she's here to help you find your brave.

“I don’t ever want a life without fear. My fear is a chance for me to be brave.”

- Katie Dean

Looking back over the last year Katie’s soul journey and her approach to business and life have taken a sweeping turn inwards. From an external definition of success, jumping on the conveyer belt of ‘the path’ and constantly trying to live up to the ‘shoulds’, she’s taken a 180 on the way she views her business and herself within her business to find more ease, flow and contentment.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • Flipping the bird to ‘the path’

  • Choosing your hard

  • Giving yourself the space to recalibrate and find the joy again

  • And the beautiful changes and challenges of birthing a business with a young baby


Episode 3 - Katie Dean

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You can find Katie at, at Your Wild Life 101 on Facebook and ktdean_yourwildlife on Instagram.

Some of the other resources mentioned in this episode are also below:

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