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are your shitty goals damaging your business?

I luuurve me a good goal - but the operative word in that sentence is 'good', and by that what I really mean is a 'well set' goal.

It's so easy to set a wishy washy goal in your head, or maybe you even jot it down on a piece of paper, or in your diary, something like "write a book" or "get more clients". (Now, I'm going to start out with a little side note warning, if you're sensitive about language then this might not be the post for you, I'm going to say 'shit' quite a bit. Also if you're sensitive about being called out on your own bullshit then it's probably time to read something else.)

But I'm going to be honest with you here, those shitty, thoughtless goals are not only useless, they can actually be doing more harm than good in your life and in your business.

You're a smart cookie - you know how I know that? Because you're here, reading this blog haha - but seriously, you're smart, you know that in order to achieve anything you actually need to know what you're trying to achieve. So let's not completely sabotage any chance you have of success by setting shitty, airy-fairy goals.

In order to achieve something you want you need to be specific about what that is. You need to know the DETAIL. You've gotta put in a bit more effort than "get more clients".

How many more clients?

Who are they?

What sort of client? Is it a one-off consultation, are they signing up for a series, are they joining a group mastermind or an online event?

How much are they going to pay you?

Is it really the number of clients that you want to achieve, or is it about money?

(Ladies, I see this all the time - we feel more comfortable framing a goal as 'new clients' when in fact it's about increasing your income and earning more money. I know, there can be an icky feeling that comes with blatantly making it about money, but that is just a limiting belief that is blocking the flow of abundance into your business, it's time to be honest about what you really want to achieve.)

When you set a shitty goal you're setting yourself up for failure - why? Because you're setting yourself a goal that you can never really achieve.

You can't be successful because your goal doesn't allow you to be - it's too hard, too big, it's unclear, unspecific and meaningless. All of which means that whenever you think about it, look at it, contemplate doing something towards it, the goal is going to make you automatically feel like a failure.

Why would you do that to yourself? Seriously! Why?

If you want to be successful there are a few golden rules you need to follow when you're setting your goals. These babies will help you avoid shitty, useless goals that set you up to fail.

#1 Be aware of self-sabotage

You know why you're setting shitty goals? Because you don't actually want to succeed.


You're choosing to stay in your comfort zone because, well, it's so comfortable there. You've got a nice plush la-z-boy with the auto adjusting foot rest, the remote is within reaching distance and you can binge watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix for all eternity. Why would you want to bust out of that nice cozy little box you've put yourself in and face the big, scary possibilities outside?

Fear can make staying small sound sooooooo good.

Resistance has a million perfectly reasonable, if not bloody logical reasons for you to keep doing exactly what you've always done.

But lady, let me tell you, that is just fear keeping you small in any way it possibly can.

Your limiting beliefs will whisper nasty, vicious things to you, telling you that you can't, that you're not enough, asking 'who are you to do this?'

It's time to tell that nasty inner mean girl to 'pipe down b!tch’! Just because that voice in your head is saying it doesn't make it true.

Choose not to listen. Choose to see things differently. It is actually a choice, and it is up to you!

#2 Be specific

The power and potency in your goals is all in the detail.

You need to be exact and don't be afraid of putting a number on it! How many clients, how much money, how many new followers.

Then you need to set a deadline - when will you achieve this by? (Keep in mind that it is still really important that you're realistic in your timeframes and what you want to achieve. A stretch goal is AWESOME! A goal that's beyond reach is demotivating.)

#3 Tap into your 'Why'

Every goal. Always. The number one way to supercharge any goal is to connect it with your 'Why'.

This will ensure whatever you're working towards is aligned with your greater purpose, your values and it's progressing you towards your ultimate vision. A goal that is heart-centred and purpose-filled is the bees knees of goals - you’re going to stay motivated, inspired and in-action more easily.

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