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How-to make sound business decisions when you're overwhelmed

Find your true north

When I first had my little munchkin and I was in the process of attempting to find some sense of equilibrium in this slightly insane brave new world, the beautiful nurse we were seeing gave me some amazing, oh-so-sensible advice. And it was the kind of insight that is actually super relevant to so many parts of adulting, including this entrepreneurial journey, as well as the parenting one.

To tell you the truth I was pretty shocked by the incredible intensity of just how much I love this tiny human being (I knew it would be love, but I had NO idea it would be such a full-body, visceral kind of experience), as well as dealing with very little sleep and the anxiety that comes with suddenly being completely responsible for the survival of another person.

Combine all those things together and I was massively overwhelmed, operating in survival mode and some days its felt like I was just trying to keep us all alive.

But it turns out that even when you’re really not feeling completely sane you can’t avoid the immediate necessity of decision making that comes with being a parent.

Likewise in business, decision making is BAU and it’s not something you can put on hold when you’re feeling overwhelmed or like you’ve got other things you need to focus on.

Which brings me back to what Sarah, my beautiful nurse, told me. She said being a parent is not about always knowing the right thing to do. A lot of the time - most of the time - you’ll have no freakin’ idea what you’re doing (I’m paraphrasing here - there’s no way she would use the word ‘freakin’ :P) all you can do is make an informed decision based on what feels right for you and your family.

And it’s so true, whether it’s family or business, the best we can do is our best - but when you’re being forced to make a decision when you’re feeling under-the-pump or experiencing overwhelm it can be really difficult to see the forest for the trees.

‘What’s best’ can be a foggy, hard to define concept if you don’t have a guiding light that cuts through the confusion and offers you a consistent source of clarity.

That guiding light for me, in my business and in my family, comes from my core personal values and my ‘Why’.

Knowing your own underlying priorities, the things that are most important to you in life, gives you an unwavering point of reference.

No matter how distracted or overwhelmed you are, if you know your values and you know your ‘Why’ you’ll always have a true north to move towards. (Then it's just a case of remembering to use it, which can be easier said than done when you're in the thick of crazy-town :P )

There is so much power in knowing your purpose, and whether it’s dealing with the daily decision-making that comes with parenting or building a business, keeping your eye on that ‘Why’ will ensure you’re on the right course.

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