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DIY PR Pro Doors are Now Open!


Do you dream about growing your beautiful business to fuel an abundant life and have a greater impact in the world?

Are you ready to be SEEN, to become an authority and influencer within your industry?

Do you want to unlock your authentic voice and communicate with confidence and clarity?

If your answer was a big 'F-YEAH' to any of those questions then this is for you!

I'm so excited to officially open the doors to DIY PR Pro - a 6-week course to help you build a thriving business without soulless selling.

In the course I'll share my proven formula to help you achieve:

~~ Inspired clarity on your vision, values and purpose and how these can bring ease and flow to your business and marketing

~~ A soulful, straightforward PR and content marketing strategy that aligns with your values and directs you firmly towards your vision

~~ An intimate understanding of who your ideal customer is and how you can engage their hearts as well as their minds

~~ A crystal-clear articulation of your unique, authentic message giving you the clarity and courage to build your profile as an authority within your industry

~~ The ability to translate your ‘Why’ into tangible content opportunities, bringing a sense of joy to creating copy

~~ The freedom to authentically connect with your audience and ideal clients by unlocking your true voice

~~ The know-how and confidence to build effective, productive relationships with key media

~~ Your own suite of heart-felt, inspired and aligned content including media releases, articles, pitches, a speaker bio and a 30-day social media content calendar

I'm so certain of the game changing impact DIY PR Pro will have in your business I'm offering a money-back guarantee.

Sign up today to take advantage of my Early Bird pricing!

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