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Authenticity is probably the number 1 buzz word I hear as a communicator and brand strategist.

Now I LOVE authenticity. I am on the authenticity bandwagon. But what does it actually mean to communicate with authenticity and why is it so important for your brand?

The short version is that authenticity is about being open, honest and real.

The real crux is being true to yourself and true to your values (personally and as a brand) and coming with that in mind whenever you reach out to your audience.

I was speaking with a client recently and she was talking about the pressure she feels on social media to conform to this perfect, healthy, yogi, wellbeing coach ideal that so many of the people and brands within her industry perpetuate through their social media profiles.

I’m sure you know the kind of Insta profile I’m talking about, with the beautiful pics of meditation, green smoothies, perfect handstands…

This lovely client is one of those incredible people who is up at 5am practicing most mornings. She’s really healthy and drinks plenty of green smoothies, and she can probably nail a really solid handstand. But she also likes to have a glass of wine on a Friday night, and go out dancing with her girlfriends or sleep in on the weekend.

And she doesn’t want to have to edit those parts out of her life in order to fit in to this picture-perfect box that her industry expects, or that people in her industry put out there.

For her, communicating with authenticity is really about showing the whole of her life and being open and honest about all of these different elements of who she is. It’s about sharing all of the different things she gets up to day-to-day, the including highs and lows.

So why is authenticity so important for your brand?

I guess it really comes down to the flip-side, when you’re not authentic it’s really off putting for your audience.

When you’re inauthentic people can really tell! We’re so over exposed to so much information and media these days and people are really savvy. They can tell when you’re not being real and that’s really off putting.

Authenticity builds trust, it builds credibility and it builds rapport. And it will continue to build that credibility so your audience, clients, customers know and trust your brand, positioning you as an influencer for them in your field.

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