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When’s the last time you gave yourself a good old SWOT?

Are we heart-centred entrepreneurs missing the biz basics?

I was on a group coaching call yesterday, and I was talking about the fact that I’m currently coming off the back of the biggest launch I’ve ever done within my business, and the first one I’ve done as a working mumma.

To be honest this launch was harder than I anticipated.

I LOVE my business. I feel so incredibly privileged to be able to do this work and to work for myself. And I have the tendency to get very caught up in what I’m doing…

No, I’m actually going to stop myself right there, because that’s the bland, fluffy, inauthentic, crap way of saying I have work-a-holic tendencies, a bit of a perfectionist streak and incredibly high expectations of myself in terms of what I want to achieve and where I want to be.

But I also have an insanely amazing baby girl that I totally adore and want to be present and fully engaged with. Who also drives me nuts and means I haven’t had more than 4 and a half hours sleep in one block in almost a year.

Plus you throw in a few other small things, like a husband, a house to attempt to manage (I say ‘attempt’ as I am the absolute first to admit that this is where the wheels fall off very quickly), a fur baby, teething, renovations, feeding everyone, you know, just the usual.

All of that, combined with a launch, has made for too many late nights, a pile of mumma’s guilt at being distracted and not completely present and now a yucky winter lurgy that I just can’t seem to shake.

I actually LOVED the launch. I was so excited to finally share this project that I've been pouring my heart into for what feels like an age, that getting her out there into the world was filled with pure-hearted, genuine joy.

But it's now that I can see that, although it was passion driving me, it's still been a hard task-master.

Post-launch my husband and my mum both separately raised some concerns about my self-care, and I’ll be honest, it’s been very low on the priority list and just hasn’t happened much lately.

Even though it’s not at all what I planned to talk about on this coaching call yesterday, that’s what ended up coming out of my mouth – the fact that I’m feeling at risk of burning out.

The tricky thing is, like I said, I love what I do. It’s gets me so super jazzed and excited to get stuck into my work, and it really honestly doesn’t feel like work.

The more I’ve thought about it in the last 24 hours the more I’ve realised I need to do something. Yes, I need to take action and schedule in more down time and make sure I get to yoga (I’ve booked myself in to a Saturday morning class), but it’s got me thinking about risk more generally.

More than prioritising my self-care I need to look broadly at the state of my business. Right now burn out is a risk, and I’ve realised that I actually don’t have a clear picture of the other risks that could affect my business.

The good old SWOT is such a tried and tested business tool – I think I first learnt about it in business studies in year 11. And yeah, I used to have to use them in my corporate job all the time, because old school peeps want to see information and data in a format they’re used to and comfortable with.

And I think that gave me a bit of an aversion to them.

But it’s a business staple for a reason, and I’m starting to think I was too hasty in writing it off as prehistoric and not applicable to my business.

What I realised on this call was that I really haven’t ever taken the time to look at my business through that lens.

I’ve looked at my goals and at my vision. I’ve got inspired clarity on my purpose and my mission, explored my limiting beliefs and blocks. I’ve become conscious of how my thoughts are manifesting my reality, I’ve vison boarded and focused on clearing my chakras, tuning in to my intuition and being open to guidance and creative possibilities.

But up until now I haven’t even thought about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within my business.

Going through the exercise, even just briefly this morning, has been really eye-opening!

So my question for you lovely is, have you given yourself a good SWOT lately? (Mind out of the gutter people, come on! Or is that just me…) And are there any other ‘corporate business tools’ that you have implemented in your business and found really helpful (in conjunction with the crystals and angel cards :P ) I’d love to hear what you’ve used in your business!

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