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Are you blocking your own creativity?

There is SO MUCH that our brain is doing - making lists, rehearsing what you're going to say in that email you need to write, mentally checking in on all the jobs you know you've got to do, planning dinner, worrying about the kids - that when we try and find the space to allow our creativity to blossom forward there's too much noise, clutter and constant stuff going on for it to get anywhere close to being heard.

But if you want to create, if you want to tap into that feeling of flow and allow inspiration to her thang then you need some tools in your kit to help you make that happen, rather than relying on it to come about all on its own.

It's different for everyone, but the concept it always the same - get your brain to be quiet for a little while so inspiration has a chance to burst through the door and sing her song, and that's what this week's video blog is all about.

Does this same process (or your own variety of the concept) work for you? I'd love to hear your feedback! xx

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