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3 Easy Steps to Kick-Start your PR

PR can sound a bit intimidating if it’s completely new to you, and often just knowing where to start can be the biggest barrier to getting yourself moving.

So, to help you take that first step, here are my three, quick and super easy to implement tips to kick-starting some PR in your biz.

1 – What do I talk about?

The question of whether or not you have anything ‘PR-worthy’ to talk about is a common one. Let me start by reassuring you that you ABSOLUTELY do. There is PR gold in your business, it’s just a case of uncovering it and the best place to start that is with your ideal client/customer.

That might sound a bit strange – why wouldn’t you start within your business? Surely that’s where the opportunities come from, right?

The answer is ‘yes and…’ Yes the PR-worthy content opportunities will be found within your business, but if you’ve got something that is ‘PR worthy’ but the people you’re trying to reach and engage won’t give a damn about it, then it’s not the right opportunity for you.

Starting with your ideal client or customer means that the content opportunity you’re developing, and therefore the resulting media coverage, is going to resonate with her, speak to her, draw her in and make her want to know more about you.

That’s the point, right? To touch more of the people you want to draw towards your business.

So ask yourself this - What are the burning questions on the mind of your ideal client? What’s really driving her nuts, pissing her off and driving her up the wall?

Delivering answers to those burning questions is the secret to not only finding ‘PR worthy’ opportunities, but to those opportunities having the greatest impact for your business.

2 – Who do I pitch to?

Before you hit the ‘go’ button on all your content ideas it’s really important to know WHO you’re going to pitch to.

Why is it so important to define the target before you start writing?

Because strategic, smart, successful media outreach is all about being tailored and targeted.

That means developing your pitch and your media asset (the article or release you’re offering to the media outlet) specifically for the blog, magazine, news site or show that you want it to appear in.

You want to make it as easy as possible for your target media outlet to say a big fat ‘Yes’ to your pitch, so you’ve got to offer content that the journalist or producer can immediately see fitting in their publication or show.

To find the best media to target you’re going to start with your ideal client again. Knowing who she is, her likes and dislikes, you’ll naturally have some ideas on the type of media she’s likely to consume.

You’re looking for media outlets that have an audience profile that aligns with your ideal client; many publications and programs have audience information easily available on the website in the media kit, so you can check that out if you’re not sure.

3 – What is your ‘Why’

Now one thing that I continually see stopping people in their tracks before even getting started is this feeling that PR and self-promotion is slimy, salesy and soulless.

With one very easy step you can get rid of all those icky feelings. The secret is to align your PR with your purpose.

Why do you do what you do? What has inspired you to build this beautiful business? Why have you developed the products, services and offerings you’re sharing with the world?

Connecting with that greater sense of meaning or purpose will help you to come from a place of passion, inspiration and excitement to share your message, rather than an icky feeling sell.

As you can see, these tips aren't overwhelming or overly complicated - introducing PR into your business is very achievable!

Sometimes though, we feel like we need we need some more specific, tailored guidance to help get really clear on where and how to start.

If that’s the case then I’ve got you covered there too!

To help you find your feet and start to build your PR momentum I’ve decided to offer some one-on-one 60 minute PR strategy sessions for the crazy low price of just $67.

Yup. Seriously.

They’re cheap as chips and ready to be snapped up. Head over here to grab your session today (multiple purchases are also ok)

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