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Richness AND Riches

Richness and Riches

This article started as a note in my phone that said ‘richness over riches’.

It was going to be a Facebook post about seeking SOULFUL success; on questioning the constraints of success that we’ve been taught as being purely defined in monetary terms and looking for what gives your life meaning, what truely makes YOU actually FEEL successful.

It was going to be awesome - poignant, witty, super eloquent - trust me, it was going to be epic :P

BUT! That’s not what happened here, because when I came back to that note in my phone it suddenly jumped up and slapped me across the face.

Richness OVER Riches

Like they’re mutually exclusive concepts…

Holy wow there is a money block right there for you ladies!

You know richness is my jam. Purpose, Why, that inspiration, belief or cause that infuses meaning into your life and your business is what I’m all about.

But - and apparently I’m in serious need of this reminder - that does NOT exclude, prevent or compete with the riches.

This is something that’s come up A LOT for me lately and it feels like something that needs to be said.

I’ve known for a while that I needed to do some work around my money mindset to help em step up to the next level, but I am a supremely skilled procrastinator when I want to be. I knew I needed it, I have the tools and a whole bunch of resources and still I faffed around the edges for ages and hoped it would sort itself out on its own (ha! Evidently not with a headline like that hey?!).

I guess I knew this was doing to be pull-on-the-gumboots-and-wade-through-the-muck kinda work and I really needed someone to light a fire under my arse to get me moving.

Lucky for me I’ve got an expert fire starter in my corner in the form of Amy MacKenzie, my go-to girl on all things mindset and up-levelling my biz.

Having started to dive in I’m realising just how blocked up I really am! Seriously, it’s like a clown car rammed full of bright yellow minions babbling and flicking each other’s noses over here.

Even though I’m still very much in the middle of all this, and by no means have I got any of it sorted out, I wanted to share with you where I’m at because I KNOW this is a huge topic for so many of you as well!

Whether it’s getting your business off the ground, increasing your prices or making the leap into the next income bracket - when you LOVE what you do, when you feel privileged to be able to do your soul work and share it with the world there can be a little voice that will pipe up and tell you that getting to do the work should be enough.

And yes, let’s be brutally honest here ladies, sometimes doing the soul work in a way that allows you to stay in alignment with your purpose is the slower path, but it’s not a case of either/or, it’s about being open to both.

So, what have I been doing to help work on my money mindset? I’ve committed to spending at least 10 minutes a day for 40 days focusing on my money, my finances and my relationship with abundance.

- Some days it’s been a simple mediation

- Some days I’ve been journalling around my money blocks, money memories and limiting beliefs

- I wrote a list of affirmations that I’ve been working with each day

- I’ve been working with some abundance tapping (EFT) to help energetically clear the blocks

- I’m actively tracking the movement of money in and out of my business

- I spent time re-doing our household budget

- And I’ve set myself a weekly ‘money date’ and blocked off time in my calendar each week to check-in on my finances

And you know what? Not only am I feeling clearer about where I’m headed short term and long term, within days of starting this work I had an exciting new client project, that I thought had fallen off the agenda, kick-start again!

So, that’s it ladies, this is my ‘note to self’ and I hope that the reminder is helpful for you as well.

It is safe to make money doing work that I love

It is safe for me to attract abundance with ease

I am worthy of financial prosperity

I am open to receiving infinite abundance

Let’s embrace the richness AND the riches <3

Niki xx

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