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Nobody cares about your business

The #1 question that seems to burn in people’s minds when it comes to PR is, ‘what makes something PR worthy?’.

For something to be ‘PR worthy’ it has to have news value and news value is determined by relevance and impact for the audience. The audience I’m referring to here is the audience of the media outlet you’re targeting.

Now, for your PR outreach to have any purpose or to deliver results, the audience for your target media outlet needs to include people who fall into your ideal client/customer profile. BUT, it’s quite likely that the full audience will be broader than that, so, while you want to speak directly to ‘your people’, you still must consider the full spectrum of the outlet’s audience - because that’s who the journo you pitch to will be thinking of.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is confusing something that has news value for them personally or within their business, with something that has news value for the audience.

The thing is, as harsh as this may sound, no-one really cares about your business.

I see so many fresh entrepreneurs jumping in to launching their business with both feet - it’s a huge deal, it takes gallons of courage and hard work and hustle, and you might be the best new designer/coach/consultant/teacher in town, but unless you’re offering something completely unheard of it’s very unlikely to land you any media coverage.

You might have just landed an awesome new client, or ten awesome new clients, but unless it’s Apple or Google no-one cares because it has no relevance or impact for them.

This is why it’s SO important to not only know your own ideal client inside and out, but to do your research and know the audience of your media targets inside and out as well. Because as obvious as this may sound, your news announcement may be relevant to the audience of Home Beautiful Magazine, but the readers of Men’s Health might not give a damn.

So how do you assess the news value of your news? You need to get crystal clear on how your story impacts or benefits your target audience.

To help with this I’ve developed a checklist of six factors that determine the relevance and therefore the ‘newsworthiness’ or ‘PR-worthiness’ of a story:

  • Newness - it’s a first-of-its-kind, never been seen before

  • Topical - it relates to a hot topic, something the media is already buzzing about

  • Timely - it ties in to an event, day or specific time of year

  • Wave-making - it’s shocking, opinionated or goes against the grain

  • Heart-warming - it’s going to make people feel all the warm and fuzzy feels

  • Local - it’s in their backyard

Filter your news story through this checklist and see how many boxes it ticks. If your story hits two or more of the newsworthy factors then it’s got potential! The more boxes the stronger the news value.

BUT! The big proviso on this (just to get all preachy and repeat myself again for one second) is that it must be aimed at the audience of the media outlet, otherwise you’re wasting your time and energy.

If you’re considering writing a press release but you’d like some more guidance on whether your angle is newsworthy check out my DIY guide ‘How To Write a Media Release’. It’s got your back with a full step-by-step process to walk you through rating your newsworthiness, clarifying your newshook and writing a professional media release.

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