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How-to Super-Charge your Start to 2018

Set yourself up for an incredible 2018 with these simple tips, tools and practices.

1 – Celebrate the year that was

Before you shift gears and dive head-first into the New Year it’s really important to give yourself some closure from 2017. Last year was epic – just looking at world events it was a huge one, but it seems to have been a biggie on a personal and professional level for a lot of the women I work with also. Take the time to reflect on all that happened, all you did, achieved, survived, conquered, learnt, experienced and released.

The simple act of reflecting over what went down will remind you of just how much there was, and how far you’ve come. Big, small, full of flow or pushing shitake up a hill, recognise and acknowledge yourself for it all and take a moment to honour and celebrate it, ALL of it.

2 – Get clear on how you want to feel

Resolutions or goals for the New Year are the biz (check out #3 below) but underneath those outcomes is a deeper desire for the way you fundamentally want to feel.

Danielle LaPorte is the Queen of Core Desired Feelings, she’s said “Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have.” If WHAT you’re working towards or aiming for isn’t going to help you feel the way you want to feel, then it’s not going to keep you motivated or inspired to persevere.

Dive into the underlying feelings that you want to experience on a daily basis. Dig down underneath the words that come up – what does that feeling feel like? What does it mean to you to feel that way?

Infusing the essence of how you want to feel into what you work towards, focus on and do on a daily basis is not only going to make you want to work towards your goals, it’s going to make the journey there so much richer.

3 – Don’t set lazy goals

You may have heard me say this before, (I have the tendency to get a wee bit passionate about the whole setting successful goals thing) but setting lazy goals is one of the most pointless and undermining things you can do in your business or your life.

If you set yourself a goal to ‘get more clients’ I can tell you right now, you’re NEVER going to succeed. Why? Because you might bring on more clients, you might bring on piles of new clients, but how many is ‘more’? You’ll never hit your target because it was so vague and wishy washy.

Also, I guarantee you that 90% of the time what you ACTUALLY wanted was not ‘more clients’. What you wanted was to earn more money, feel abundant and successful.

Be specific. Use the good old SMART goals formula but then bring your Core Desired Feelings in to play. Align WHAT you want with the way you want to feel and make sure your goals will help you bring more of those feelings in on a daily basis.

4 – Allow yourself to reintegrate

Jumping straight back into the circus ring to kick-start your year is all well and good – but that first day back at your desk can be tough.

Be kind to yourself. Give yourself the time and space to move back into ‘work-mode’ slowly. You’re allowed to take some time to shift your brain back into gear; maybe use some of your time to invest in reflecting and intention setting for the New Year.

Be gentle.

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