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Are you committing this biz building sin?

The way you talk about your business MATTERS. The way you describe it in casual conversation is important. Because the way you THINK about what you do shapes and creates your reality. A beautiful friend and client of mine designed this image - it’s actually a gif and very very cleverly morphs one word I to the other. Not only is it some super snazzy animation work (you can check out more from Soph over HERE) but it’s also a really incredible encapsulation of the way so so many of the women I work with feel. Tall poppy syndrome has got us all down playing our skills, our goals and our game. Now, you might think that there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of modesty, and you know, generally I would say I agree. HOWEVER - there is a difference between modesty and an inability to positively and appropriately talk about your business. I was speaking with a lovely lady at a social event a little while ago and when I asked her about what she does she told me ‘oh I do a little bit of sewing’. Turns out the lady is an epic women’s formalwear designer who has been running her own studio for over 10 Years. That’s more than a little bit of sewing, and I know it might sound like a bit of an extreme example, but believe me, this kind of issue is WAY more common than you might initially think, AND it seems to especially be an issue for the side hustle or work-from-home creatives - I’m looking at you ladies. Let me ask you this ...

How do you describe your work?

What about that work you do on the side?

You know, the stuff you spend your spare time doing, at home, instead of bingeing Netflix. The work you get a real kick out of, that charges your battery in a way that means you don’t mind all the late nights and extra hours.

That work that you’re probably under-charging for, possibly not charging anything for?

Do you call yourself a ‘freelancer’, maybe a ‘consultant’. Do you refer to it as a ‘hobby’ or ‘just something little’?

Do you secretly wish (without even really daring to admit to yourself) that this just-something-little-hobby could possibly one day be more?

Want to know the first, essential, cannot be skipped step? You’ve got to admit to yourself that you, my dear, have a business.

No more playing it down, skirting around it, calling it anything but. It’s time to start thinking about and describing yourself the way you want to be seen.

You can’t grow that side-hustle into a thriving full-timer if you won’t even let yourself imagine the possibilities.

I know, it can feel SUPER intimidating, confronting and just bloody scary. Especially if you’ve got no idea where to start.

So, if you need a bit of guidance, someone to walk you through, point you in the right direction and give you a friendly-but-firm nudge in the right direction then I think I might just be your girl.

I help creative entrepreneurs just like you (YES, you ARE an entrepreneur whether you like it or not) to create a vision for their business, clarify the process for getting there and breakdown the steps into bite-sized chunks that can get you quickly and easily moving in the right direction.

If 2018 is going to be your year I’d love to help you make it happen! To find out more drop me a line

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